Thursday, 12 June 2014


16-30°C,Wind N up to 10mph, mostly clear and sunny, Pressure 1016hPa


5 or 6 Bee-eaters have been regularly seen all week either feeding up near The Lookout or flying East or West over our house. Have decided to check the map and see where they might be intersecting the main road (E763). May well be worth a visit at that point to try and locate their nest site on the banks of the river Ljig. Could they be using the top of the ridge at The Lookout as a preferred feeding area ?

Delighted with the Lesser Pecker in The Walnut Tree, plus almost everyday now the Middle Spot is using it as a place to announce to the world that he has arrived ? and to carry out early morning ablutions.

9 Bee-eater over W
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
4 Hawfinch over

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