Wednesday, 15 April 2015


8°C, feels like 4 °C, wind N 38 km/h, overcast, dull.

Paljuvi Lake, Kolubara 

3 Mallard
4 Gargany
12 Great Crested Grebe
Little Egret
Grey Heron
2 Buzzard
2 Moorhen
2Black Headed Gull
Little Owl
2 Long Eared Owl juvs
5 Magpie
18 Hooded Crow
70 Barn Swallow
White Wagtail

Monday, 6 April 2015


5°C feels like 2,°C, wind N 25 km/h, dull overcast, pressure 1014 hPa constant.
Liplje -
all of the following on The Ridge amongst heaps of manure on a weedy field

6 Serin 2 male & 4 female
3 Tree Pipit
4 Black Redstart 1 male & 3 female
2 White Wagtail


Overcast, dull with persistant drizzle and rain.


Wheatear male again on the Ridge


1-8°C, wind S 16 km/h, clear and sunny.

Paljuvi and  Jabucje village

Jabucje village 07:00 - 10:15
Superb night herons were close to the road, beautiful in flight with wonderful croaking call. Cracking bird which I've only ever seen once before when I twitched  a single bird many years ago in blighty'. Guess these must be photograph.s' there are no reed beds here for them to breed in' (Dragan Simic) However they do also breed in trees.
Purple heron is an early bird I think only the secound recorded this Spring in Serbia.
Disappointedly the flock of small grebes had gone along with half the Great crests and apparently all the Little Grebes, there were none seen even in the wooded shallows which I checked on a large part of the shore along the NW and SW borders. 
Disappointing also for the Belgade birders who would have twitched this bird this morning not least Dragan who has not seen this species in Serbia. I have to admit to being ignorant of just how rare this bird is in Serbia and on reflection would have tried harder to get better views for a photograph

25 Night Heron roosting in trees in the shallows
Purple Heron over leisurely N to S
Grey Heron
Marsh Harrier over North
3 Mallard
11 Shoveler
34 Garganey
10 Great Crested Grebe
2 Coot
6 Hooded Crow
6 MagpieMagpie 2 nesting
2 Jakdaw
80+ Swallow
Great tit
3 Chiffchaff 1 singing
3 Blackcap singing
15 Starling
12 Goldfinch
2 Tree Sparrow

Friday, 3 April 2015


8°C felt like 3°C, wind NW 40 km/h, 50% overcast with sunny intervals, pressure 1017 hPa

Paljuvi Lake, Kolubara

Flotilla of 20 small Grebes out near centre of lake, difficult to id  due to the distance and the fact that they were mostly all sleeping on fairly choppy water, Black-necked identified mostly on jizz including upright perky head flicking stance, high forehead /head shape and rusty orange flanks. Slavonian on rusty orange flanks, blazing gold  'horns' and lower swimming position. Near by Great Crests looking over twice their size.
Little grebes in contrast were all together in the shallows with the Garganey and Pochards and Ferruginous near by.

2 Slavonian Grebe
1 Black-necked Grebe

22 Great Crested Grebe
11 Little Grebe
4 Ferruginous Duck 1 or 2 males
46 Garganey
8 Pochard
2 Gadwall pair
2 Coot
Egret sp probably Little
Grey Heron
Linnet female


4°C feels like -1°C, wind W/NW 24km/h, mostly overcast with some sunny spells, pressure 
1017 hPa and rising

Liplje 07:15 - 09:30
All the redstarts on the ridge feeding amongst the piles of farmyard manure with the stonechats and the near by singing Woodlark.

Tree Pipit over NW
6 Black Redstart 3 male & 3 female
2 Stonechat male & female
5 Swallow over NW
3 White Wagtail 1 pair at Branka's
4 Wood Lark 1 singing 3 over NW
15 Starling over NW 4+10+1
4 Redwing/Song Thrush over W
3 Pheasant male & 2 females
2 Magpie
Cirl Bunting
Tree Sparrow

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


10 °C, 5 °C later and dropping, wind W 14km/h,Overcast & dull with rain showers, pressure 1013hPa and rising


The Black Stork reminded me of the one I saw here last year and again I had the feeling it was prospecting or new where it was going locally.
Wheatear again in same field on The Ridge, a pale bird with none of the sparkle of a spring male. Mantle had a hint of brown in the grey, mask was more brown black and the white eyebrow not very prominent. A first year male perhaps ?

Black Stork over fairly leisurely North up the wooded valley
Wheatear (Northern)
3 Chiffchaff 1 singing
2 Black Redstart male and female, not paired
Stonechat male
2 White Wagtail

Butterfly's yesterday -
Holly Blue
Large Tortoishell
3 Orange tip
Green Veined White

MONDAY 30th MARCH 2015

11°C, wind light from South, mostly overcast with brighter intervals.
Paljuvi Lake Kolubara & Jabucje village centre Kolubara

Paljuvi Lake - 
Ospreys were a great surprise and all to brief, both birds on their way out when I saw them, the first moving out NE and the possible second an hour later, moving out NE/E.
The Harriers came in late and were difficult to observe. First 2 together then a third following closely behind. I was wondering if they could be using a common roost site ?
Good selection of duck with great views of spanking male Gargany's pestering a female. 
Little Egret is early for here I think.Had fabulous long head plume.
First Long Eared owls in Serbia for me and so nice to find my own. Right in the middle of the village with noisy vehicles and lights near by. The young were in conifers calling and the adult did a fly by on a couple of occasions.

2 Gadwall pair
8 Shoveler 6 male + 2 female
2 Pintail pair
9 Gargany pair + 6 males + female
8 Pheasant females
16 Great Crested Grebe some paired & courting
Grey Heron
Little Egret on submerged tree preening
1/2 Osprey
Marsh Harrier
2 Harrier sp.
Common Sandpiper on rocky shore
Yellow-legged/Caspian Gull 2nd cal
2 Wood Pigeon nesting
Green Woodpecker singing
6 Hooded Crow 3 pairs
14 Swallow feeding, and resting on bank side vegetation
Chiffchaff singing
Song Thrush singing
90 Starling 3 flocks
 Jabucje village centre -

3 Long Eared Owl adult  + 2 Juvs

FRIDAY 27th & 29th MARCH 2015

16°C, wind NW 11km/h, overcast with light rain showers.
27th March -  Liplje

2 Pheasant females
23 Grey Heron 11 birds sitting on nests in Heron Wood
Marsh Harrier male over N
Hen Harrier male over E
Sparrowhawk female
Collard Dove
Black Woodpecker
4 Jay
2 Magpie
2 Jackdaw
2 Raven on nest in Heronry
3 Skylark flew out N
Black Redstart female
4 Stonechat 2 pairs, new pair in by main road as last year
2 Blackbird
Song Thrush
32 Starling single flock some singing
White Wagtail
Cirl Bunting singing

29th March
Blackcap singing near home


Clear and mild


Woodcock roding again close to home
Tawny Owl calling/singing


7°C, wind SE 20 km/h, light cloud cover, mostly sunny.

Liplje 6:00-7:35

2 Feral Pigeon
2 Wood Pigeon
Collard Dove
G. S. Woodpecker 2 drumming
Black Woodpecker
Green Woodpecker
10 Jay party of 8 very vocal and courting
2 Magpie
2 Hooded Crow
4 Raven
Woodlark possibly 2 singing
Marsh Tit singing
4 Great Tit
Blue Tit
2  Nuthatch
3 Robin
2 Black Redstart
3 Stonechat 1 pair + male, 2 singing
2 Blackbird
2 Song Thrush
8 Starling single flock some singing, one mimicing G.Oriole
Cirl Bunting
Chaffinch singing
2 Hawfinch
House Sparrow