Monday, 2 June 2014

MONDAY 2nd JUNE 2014

12-20°C,Wind W 3-12mph, cloudy with sunny intervals,light rain later,Pressure 1015 hPa

Liplje - am

Redstart again at Milosh's plantation this time with what appeared to be somewhat surprisingly a juvenile. Didn't think they had been on site long enough to have produced a fully fledged juv. ?
1 Wryneck perched on the Lightening Tree while another sang nearby.
Not altogether sure if there was 1 or 2 Corn buntings singing on the South Bank.
Wood Lark again singing close to home over Top Meadow so pretty sure this is a second singing male along with the other bird that usually sings close to The Lookout.
The juvvy Stonechats together on The Rough.

2 Redstart male singing with 1 juv
2 Wryneck 1 singing
1/2 Corn Bunting singing
Wood Lark singing
4 Stonechat juvs

Minonica - pm

The Storks are nesting on a platform above a chimney near to the school, and the House Martins have a small colony on the court house.

The other species were seen just outside of town to the West at the swimming pools area.
The 2 pairs of Lapwings are no doubt breeding as they became nervous at my approach giving alarm and distraction displays from large open cereal fields with small flooded areas.
The shrike was seen at some distance and was was notable for the amount of white wing/body flashes in flight.

2 White Stork nesting
House Martin 

Woodchat Shrike (possible)
4 Northern Lapwing
Golden Oriole male
Common Whitethroat 
G. S. Woodpecker
Red Backed Shrike
Barn Swallow
Hooded Crow
8 Starling

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