Tuesday, 17 December 2013


16.15 hrs, -1°C, Wind E/NE 2mph, cloudy, Pressure 1037hPa

Back in the garden today after some absence -

Middle Spotted Woodpecker

15th December 2013 Liplje

All of the following using feeding station. Great Tits now taking sunflower seed from feeder and along with Nuthatch are feeding on pork fat. Marsh Tit came in only briefly to feed on rotten apple.

10 Great Tit
2 Blue Tit
Marsh Tit

14th December 2013 Liplje

Fieldfare one hanging around in tree tops giving alarm call at us. First for the year

13th December 2013 Liplje


Redwing  just one in treetop at front of house. First for the year

12th December 2013 Liplje

Did Corvid roost again tonight. Still no Rooks.
Estimating Jackdaws at 200 and Hooded Crow at 300.
They were all still wheeling about when I left in the dark. Seem to be nervous, suspecting a predator may be in attendance. On two occasions they grouped tightly as if panicked and their calls confirming this.
Only predator I can think of is Northern Goshawk although haven't yet encountered it here.

11th December 2013 Liplje

Night Temp. -5

Discovered some of the corvids are roosting here in the village. Scanning through the flocks as they came in mostly from the west, appeared to be only two species the two tone hoodies making it easy to eliminate any rooks.
They were very reluctant to come down staying air-bourne up to an hour after sunset, birds then peeling off from the main flock into the woodland. Noticed how Jackdaw vocalisations changed as they came in but soon fell silent.
Mistle Thrush and Blackbirds seen pre roost. All Crests seen together.

150+ Jackdaw
350+ Hooded Crow

Also earlier :
5 Blackbird
1 Mistle Thrush
8 Great Tit
5 'Crests' suspect 2 Gold and 3 Fire

Monday, 16 December 2013

Sunday 8th December 2013 Liplje

Back In Black
Heard the Black Woody up by the cemetary, has been absent or just quiet and elusive.
Black Redstart at new raspberry plantation, female type but greyer than bird seen at home.
Blackcap also at raspberry plantation again on black grapes. 

Black Woodpecker
Black Redstart

Friday 6th December 2013

Blackcap male feeding on rotting black grapes at neighbours new raspberry farm some 500m from us

Thursday, 5 December 2013


20:20 hrs 3°C wind SE 5 mph, clear, pressure 1022hPa, some snow remaining in shaded valley bottoms

Initially saw 200+ Corvids over NW so possibly a total of 900 birds. Interesting that seperate flocks are going to roost in differing directions over our house. Is it coincidental that they cross here or did the initial flock get disturbed at its roosting site and then return to a different site ? Hooded Crow and Jackdaw identified today in the flocks.

10:00 - Meadow Pipit over W
16:00 - 700+ Corvids over SE

18.00 - Hare crossing track in village
             2 Roe Deer seen regularly

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


-4 - 3°C wind SE 3-7mph clear sunny pressure 1033hPa some patches of remaining snow

Treecreeper may have been short-toed not having seen that species before would be difficult to say without closer views. According to'Collins' Serbia dosn't have wintering Blackcap, didn't have good views but saw rear half of body and black cap. Have seen enough Blackcaps to be 95% sure of id.


3 Meadow Pipit over S
4 Long Tailed Tit
Middle spotted Woodpecker
Probable Blackcap male
3 Buzzard

In the woods near to the house - 
Treecreeper sp
Great Spotted Woodpecker
2 Marsh Tit
2 Great Tit

At Dusk approx. 16 :00 -
300 Corvids over W

Sunday, 1 December 2013

4°C  Today, wind W/SW 7mph, mostly cloudy,snow still on ground pressure 1025 hPa
My rain station showing 125ml approx 1in of melted snow

Not much about in the garden today probably as hunters shooting in nearby woods which occurs regularly on a Sunday. Due to stop in new year.

The following seen together in village. The Cirl Bunting giving repeated needle sharp' seep' note. The Tree Sparrows are a delight after their catastrophic decline in UK.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker male
Great Spotted Woodpecker
8 Great Tit 
2 Marsh Tit
Cirl Bunting
6 Chaffinch
30 Tree Sparrow
1 House Sparrow
9 Hooded Crow over W

Garden species -
Mistle thrush out W
Great Spotted Woodpecker
3 Great Tit
1 Blue Tit