Sunday, 8 June 2014

SUNDAY 8th JUNE 2014

15-30°C,Wind light variable,Mostly clear & sunny, Pressure 1019hPa

Liplje (Circuit 1) 06.45 - 08.45

Great views of the Honey Buzzard soaring at moderate height then flew towards me and over my head. Upperside silver grey while head looked hooded with warmer red/brown colour. White underside much more sparsely marked than Common Buzzard. Little head and big rudder ! Best views yet of this impressive beast
Red Backed Shrikes at Rasberry Plantation (formerly Milosh's Plantation), Cemetery Orchard, Lightening Tree and the South Bank. Suspect at least one other pair.

5 Wood Lark in family party with at least one juvenile.

Great Tit again nesting in our box which contains original nest.
House Sparrows in post breeding flock.
Hooded crow must be nesting near by as they are frequently seeing off the Ravens.

Honey Buzzard
6 Wood Lark 1 singing + 5
8 Red Backed Shrike 4 pairs
2 Green Woodpecker adult with juv
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
5 Golden Oriole
4 Turtle Dove 2 singing + 1pair 
Collard Dove
2 Wood Pigeon
6 Nightingales 5 singing + 1 juv
4 Common Whitethroat singing
2 White Wagtail 1juv
4 Cirl Bunting singing
Yellowhammer singing
Corn Bunting 
Chaffinch singing
13 House Sparrow some juvs 
2 Hooded Crow
4 Barn Swallow

Later in the afternoon at home - 

Black Woodpecker
5 Bee-eater 1over E, 1over W, + 3
Great Tit brooding
Wryneck or L.S.Woodpecker calling

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