Wednesday, 21 May 2014


11-26°C,Wind S/SE light, Sunny, Pressure 1020 hPa

Liplje - circuit 1

Marsh Warbler seen and heard at close quarters in bushes.Lovely soft grey brown above, creamy off white below with hint of yellow with whiter throat and fairly prominent whitish orbital, and eyebrow in front of eye. Legs pinkish. Contrast noted between fringes and centres of flight feathers.None of the warm tints of Reed and no red/brown on rump.
Song rapid, sustained and full of mimicry - House Sparrow, Blue Tit, Swallow, Blackcap, Blackbird amongst others I didn't recognise. Sweeter less harsh than Reed Warbler.
No suitable habitat that I know of near by so I guess this is a migrant. Really chuffed to have seen this bird which l hadn't expected up here.
Quail in grassy set aside off the South Bank, heard only.
Cracking male Redsart in Milosh's plantation, would be nice if it remained to breed.
1 Wryneck seen sunbathing in dead tree.
Good to hear 2 Corn Buntings singing as they haven't been all that consistent but both in previous locations.
Greenfinches seem to be putting in more of an appearance.
Evidence of at least 3 pairs of Cirl Bunting having bred, this pair at Milosh's my pair at home and the pair at the Grave yard.

Marsh Warbler singing
Quail singing
Common Redstart male
Bee-eater over calling
2 Wryneck calling
9 Red Backed Shrike 3 pairs + 3 males
3 Golden Oriole singing
6 Nightingale singing
5 Stonechat pair with 3 juvs
2 Common Whitethroat singing
2 Corn Bunting singing
3 Cirl Bunting pair with juv
2 Yellowhammwr singing
2 Greenfinch 1 singing
Chaffinch singing
Cuckoo singing
4 Swallow
Great Tit
30 + Starling juvs
2 Hooded Crow pair
2 Buzzard

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