Tuesday 6 May 2014

TUESDAY 6th MAY 2014

17°C,Wind light variable,clear sunny,Pressure 1021hPa

Liplje 07:10 - 09;20

Just fantastic birding today with so many excellent species.
The density of species just seems incredible at times, today I stood in one spot and saw both Shrikes, Bee-eater, Ortolan Bunting, Corn Bunting, Stonechat, Whinchat, Black Redstart, Common Whitethroat and Barn Swallow and heard Nightingale,Wryneck Golden Oriole, Wood Lark and Cuckoo !
The Woodchat was a treat sitting out obligingly on a dead stump sallying forth for insects but returning time and again to same perch.
The Honey Buzzard was soaring and  noticed ginger tints on the transparent secoundaries and inner tail.
Black Stork was initially quite low and gave excellent views over Milos's as it soared round on the thermals.
Bee-eaters gave notice via that classic call, just love these birds which have a charm and special character all their own. The party of 6 seen while gardening at home.

The jury is still out on this Bonelli's Warbler, haven't yet managed to see one and the songs Ive been listening to on-line are putting it in the Western camp ?
The Ortolan sat on top of hedge/tree line singing what seemed to be a couple of different phrases one sounding very much from the yellowhammer book.
Wrynecks seem to have gone very shy and this is first Ive heard for a while

Woodchat Shrike male ?
3 Red Backed Shrike 1singing, 2
male + female
Bee-eater over E
Honey Buzzard over N
Black Stork over W
Wryneck singing 
Bonelli's Warbler singing
Ortolan Bunting singing
Corn Bunting 
Cirl Bunting singing
Whinchat male 
Black Redstart singing 
5 Common Whitethroat singing
3 Golden Oriole male + 2 1st yr male/female 
6 Stonechat 3 pairs
6 Nightingale singing

6 Bee-eater over E

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  1. Dear Mr. Laight (I hope it's your surname),

    I wanted to ask you how sure are you about Bonelli's Warbler? Have you tried using playback to summon him? If it could be proved to be Bonelli's Warbler it would be a very interesting finding that will show us how much we don't know about birds in this country. Few day ago I have summoned one bird by using playback at hills above Pčinja river valley, SE Serbia.

    P.S. Sorry for bad English.