Tuesday 27 May 2014

TUESDAY 27th MAY 2014

 250ml of rain/hail


Return of the Redstart today which sang very briefly again from our walnut tree.
Also in same tree the Hawfinch sat at the top for a few minuets giving typical explosive 'tutt'and high pitched calls.
Yet another devotee of our walnut tree the Shrike uses it as a song and lookout post, has anyone ever made a tree list?, for this tree has to be up there with the best  for sheer diversity of species ?
The Swallows sat like the perfect pair on our power cable their metallic blue dress shimmering in the morning sun while the female sang  to the male which is news to me but apparently they do.
Bee-eaters feeding off the edge of Dell wood

2 Swallow
Common Redstart singing
Hawfinch female
2 Bee-eater
Red Backed Shrike

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