Thursday, 17 April 2014


6-10  °C, Wind N/NE9 km/h, overcast dull with rain showers,Pressure 1013 hPa

Liplje - Circuit 1(brief visit)

Oriole singing from same location for third day but still not seen.
Best views yet of Black Woodpecker feeding low down on rotten tree stump.
Incredible noise from its wings in flight at close range ! Was quite confiding considering how elusive he has been.Hoping this is part of its territory, just east of our home.
Corn Bunting back singing where I first encountered one back on the 23rd March ?!
Common Whitethroat giving sub song on area known as South bank.
Lesser White singing just below graveyard.

Golden Oriole singing
Common Whitethroat singing
Lesser Whitethroat singing
Corn Bunting singing
Black Woodpecker male

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