Friday, 25 April 2014

FRIDAY 25th APRIL 2014

8°C, Wind NE 7km/h, Overcast dull,


Seems like theres a new species to found every other day. Hobby was excellent after an altercation with the Sparrowhawk, riding the wind off the ridge and getting really close apparently to have a look at me !?

Best view yet of Nightingale, came out of cover flicking wings and fanning tail beautiful bird with warm rusty tones above, creamy off white below and reddish feet quite distinctive.

Wood Warbler singing from different part of wood to other 2 birds heard previously.
Cirl Bunting near home carrying food.
Starling also seen carrying food to nest hole, yet others are still flocking ? 

Sparrowhawk male
Common Whitethroat 
3 Stonechat 2 male + female
6 Nightingale singing
Wood Warbler singing
Cirl bunting
20 + Starling Flock

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