Sunday, 13 April 2014

SUNDAY 13th APRIL 2014

12 °C, Wind light variable,90% light cloud cover,Pressure 1017hPa

Liplje - Circuit 2 less last 1km to main road

Amazing ! yet another Woodpecker species on my doorstep, the diversity/density here is just astounding.
First heard the Grey-headed Woodpecker and thought that just isnt right for Green, 
the notes were straight without the ringing quality also each sequence given much more frequently. Was seen briefly in flight, noticed paler head and yellow rump. Also possilbly heard drumming, a consistent 1 sec.roll, maybe dropping slightly at the end,not as loud or as brief as G.S. Woodpecker. Feel Im starting to get my ear in with these woodpecker drum rolls.
Yet more Nightingales ! at least 3 if not 4 more singing which brings the total for last 2 days to 11.
Wryneck singing close to where original bird was heard so this could be a 3rd male.
The Cuckoo which now has taken to singing close to our house is ranging from the valley bottom to the woods behind us, a distance approacing 1 km.
Surprised there arn't more Chiffchaffs here as the habitat seems ideal,have realised the one we did have is no longer singing so wondering if it was a short stay migrant ?, or has it been predated ?

Grey-headed Woodpecker singing
Great Spotted Woodpecker male
Green Woodpecker calling
6 Nightingale singing
Wryneck singing
Great Tit
Song Thrush
Cirl Bunting singing
Starling singing
Chaffinch singing
Yellowhammer singing
Robin singing

Chiffchaff notable by its absence

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