Monday, 7 April 2014


6 - 18*C, Wind light variable, light cloud cover, Pressure 1018 hPa 

Liplje - Circuit 1 06:00 - 08:00

Wryneck is fabulous giving excellent views, strange serpentine quality, unassuming but for its song, with an air of vulnerability. Have often imagined what this bird would have been like in an old English orchard, now long since gone. Now finally have one to observe.
2 Nightingales arrived Saturday night and 3 or 4 more last night.
Seem to be back down to one Wood Lark singing in flight, usual spot at top of hill.
Hawfinch seen with nesting material in woodland to the front of our house.

Wryneck singing

5/6 Nightingale singing
2 Cuckoo singing
7 Blackcap singing
Chiffchaff singing
Wood Lark singing
5 Stonechat 4 males 2 singing + female
Black Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker male
2 Hawfinch pair
4 Cirl Bunting singing
3 Yellowhammer singing
4 Chaffinch 2 singing
Tree Sparrow
11 House Sparrow single flock
6 Starling 3 Pairs 2 singing
Song Thrush
4+ Great tit 2 singing
4 Blue Tit 2 pairs
Hooded crow

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