Saturday, 19 April 2014


9-14 °C, Wind 8-25km/h, overcast,dull with light rain, dry in afternoon, Pressure 1007hPa

Liplje - circuit 1

75 mm / 400ml ! of rain over last 3 days. Has been very welcome as we and many others have been running short of water.
Wood warblers proving unbelievably difficult to see even at what seemed like fairly close range.I was bemused by the fact that I was unable to catch a single glimpse of a species which tend to move around a lot and normally prove moderately difficult to locate. Had the cold weather made them less active ? 
Female Cirl Bunting  at the graveyard carrying food and waiting for me to move on before
no-doubt descending to her nest.
Greenfinches are new on the scene with a male singing next to the graveyard.
Goshawk had me guessing, I was very aware of its long tail combined with its long head/neck, Honey Buzzard crossing my mind however typical Accipiter wing shape. The Hooded Crow getting up from the woods was also a clue, something they dont seem to do for Sparrowhawk.
Marsh Tits nesting in 'Branka's' wood about 3 feet off ground in hole of small tree.
Great Tits feeding young in the roof of our house and in our nest box.
Swallows feeding low together on top of hill and Starlings also feeding together possibly on oak flowers or insects there on.

2 Wood Warbler singing
11 Swallow
Corn Bunting singing
3 Cirl Bunting 1 singing
2 Greenfinch female +1 singing
2 Hawfinch
22 Starling
2 Marsh Tit pair
4 Great Tit 2 pairs
Black Woodpecker

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