Sunday 1 March 2015


5-14°C, wind light from SW, light cloud clearing, sunny, pressure 1014 hPa and falling

Identified the "song" of the Middle Spot today though believe I may of heard it last week and passed it off as one of the many Jay calls and of course it may have been mimicked by this clever corvid.
 Again heard the Short-toed Treecreeper song and call but unable to identify which of the two Treecreepers it may have been. 
7 Fieldfare over North yesterday.
Pleased to see pair of Tree Sparrows investigating my nest box along with 2 Great tits at the same box at Raspberry plantation.

Liplje at home 6:30 am

Middle Spotted Woodpecker male singing
2 Great Spotted Woodpecker female & male drumming
Green Woodpecker singing
3 Fieldfare over N
2 Song Thrush singing
Blackbird singing
2 Great tit singing
2 Cirl Bunting male & female
Yellowhammer singing

07:45 - 09:30
Circuit 1

Green Woodpecker singing
Great Spotted Woodpecker
4 Skylark over N
26 Fieldfare over E
Mistle Thrush
White Wagtail flyover
4 Great tit 1 singing
2 Blue tit
2 Long tailed tit agitated
Wood pigeon display flight
3 Jay
2 Feral pigeon
2 Collard Dove
Robin singing
Cirl Bunting male singing
Hawfinch female
3 Brambling
Chaffinch male singing
6 Tree Sparrow
7 House Sparrow 

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