Saturday, 14 March 2015


3-6°C, wind light from SW, cloudy, pressure 1027hPa and rising

Fieldfares and starlings feeding on arable land with Greenfiches and Tree Sparrows near by.

Blackbirds still feeding on last of the ivy berries. Seems to be an important winter food which by the cutting down of just s few of the ivy covered trees could have a  significant effect on their winter survival numbers. The hawthorn does not seem to carry fruit into the winter as it does in Blighty nor are there any ornamentals for them to feed on such as pyracantha, holly, sorbus sp. ect.
Probably my best flock of Greenfiches so far.
Pheasants in seperate male and female groups.

10 Pheasant 3 male & 7 female
60 Starling
25 Fieldfare
7 Blackbird 
26 Greenfinch
Cirl bunting male
4 Chaffinch
30 Tree Sparrow
3 Goldfinch


5+  Common Crane 

Flew over calling  in two flocks of 3+ and 2  close to house, heading North.
Fantastic evocative call all the more magical for echoing around our hilltop on a misty night ! 
I attempted to mimic their call and  possibly with some success especially with the first flock which appeared to get closer and linger a little. 

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