Wednesday, 26 March 2014


12°C, Wind E/NE 5-10mph, partly cloudy with sunny intervals, pressure 1011

Liplje - 05:30-07:45 - from home down to village shop near main road.

Harrier was fairly low level fly through. Seen in silhouette only. Would have expected Marsh Harrier to look bigger/broader winged. Montagues would definitely have appeared more rakish.
Therefore best guess is Hen Harrier. Definitely in traveling mode with sequence of few wings beats followed by short glides.
Green Sandpiper was a species I wasn't expecting here, classic call alerted me to it.
The Grey Herons were a very pleasant surprise yesterday as they are occupying a heronry close to the main road (E763). Probably 19 or 20 nests with some birds 'sitting'. 2 of the Ravens are also nesting amongst them with one bird 'sitting'.
Serin feeding amongst aspen catkins with Greenfinch.
Black Woodpecker in front garden walnut tree giving excellent views. 

Harrier sp. over NE                                          16:35 - Green Sandpiper over E
20 Grey Heron                                                   15:15 - Black Woodpecker female
7 Blackcap singing males
2 Chiffchaff singing
Black Woodpecker drumming
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker calling
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming
2 Green Woodpecker 'singing'
White Wagtail female 
2 Serin pair 
2 Greenfinch
4 Hawfinch 2 pairs
Cirl Bunting singing
6 Yellowhammer 2 singing
3 Chaffinch singing
6 Tree Sparrow 2 singing
16 House Sparrow 2 Singing
10 Starling 1 singing
3 Nuthatch
2 Blue Tit
4 Great Tit
Wood Pigeon 'singing'
5 Feral Pigeon
Collard Dove singing
Pheasant female
4 Raven
4+ Jay
Wren singing
10 Robin singing 
2 Blackbird
2 Song Thrush singing

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