Monday 31 March 2014

MONDAY 31st MARCH 2014

12*C, Wind S 5mp/h, Clear sunny, slight frost, Pressure 1014hPa

Liplje - Circuit 2 06:45 - 08:40

Hoopoe flew in at tree top height landed briefly and flew on in Northerly direction. 
Stonechats in scrub near the main road - E763
Another singing Cirl Bunting near main road in tree nursery plantation which brings local singing  male population to 5.
Interesting to see Starlings still flocking, expected them to be on territory by now.
Goshawks were possibly having territorial dispute, one chasing the other and grappling mid-air, looked big enough to be females.Seen over valley to rear of our house.

Hoopoe                                                                        15:10 -
Chiffchaff singing                                                        2 Northern Goshawk      
9 Blackcap singing males
2 Stonechat pair, male singing
Black Woodpecker drumming
2 Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker female
Middle Spotted Woodpecker male
Green Woodpecker
2 Song Thrush singing
2 Blackbird singing

3 Cirl Bunting 3 singing
3 yellowhammer singing
4 Greenfinch
2 Chaffinch singing
White Wagtail
4 Blue tit 2 pairs
Great Tit 
18 Starling flocks of 10,5,3
8 Robin
10 Magpie single flock
15 Raven over N
4 Pheasant
2 Tree Sparrow
14 House Sparrow
13 Heron on Heronry

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