Sunday, 1 December 2013

4°C  Today, wind W/SW 7mph, mostly cloudy,snow still on ground pressure 1025 hPa
My rain station showing 125ml approx 1in of melted snow

Not much about in the garden today probably as hunters shooting in nearby woods which occurs regularly on a Sunday. Due to stop in new year.

The following seen together in village. The Cirl Bunting giving repeated needle sharp' seep' note. The Tree Sparrows are a delight after their catastrophic decline in UK.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker male
Great Spotted Woodpecker
8 Great Tit 
2 Marsh Tit
Cirl Bunting
6 Chaffinch
30 Tree Sparrow
1 House Sparrow
9 Hooded Crow over W

Garden species -
Mistle thrush out W
Great Spotted Woodpecker
3 Great Tit
1 Blue Tit

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