Tuesday, 17 December 2013

11th December 2013 Liplje

Night Temp. -5

Discovered some of the corvids are roosting here in the village. Scanning through the flocks as they came in mostly from the west, appeared to be only two species the two tone hoodies making it easy to eliminate any rooks.
They were very reluctant to come down staying air-bourne up to an hour after sunset, birds then peeling off from the main flock into the woodland. Noticed how Jackdaw vocalisations changed as they came in but soon fell silent.
Mistle Thrush and Blackbirds seen pre roost. All Crests seen together.

150+ Jackdaw
350+ Hooded Crow

Also earlier :
5 Blackbird
1 Mistle Thrush
8 Great Tit
5 'Crests' suspect 2 Gold and 3 Fire

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