Thursday, 2 October 2014


12-17°C,Wind up to 5mph from N/NW, cloudy and bright.pressure 30.32inHG

Much quieter on the migration front of late.The Firecrests are back with 3 seen yesterday with 1 Willow Warbler. Also over this last week phylloscs have been much more in evidence.

I saw 3 feeding together which included 1 Chiffchaff, 1 1st W Willow Warbler (which interestingly did a lot of sitting rather than standing on perches) and one other phyllosc type which showed a well defined black eyeline and equally striking pale and long supercillium. When viewed head-on a pale loral stripe was noticed, this together with the strong eye line/super put me in mind of a 'crest'? Also noticed on the same bird was a pale off white underside, greenish grey upper body and yellow/orange feet and possibly legs.

My conclusion was this bird was like no Willow-chaff I've ever seen and came closest to Arctic/Greenish Warbler however no wing bar was observed ?

Hawfinches in groups of 8 and 4 seen in quick succession and the Cirl Bunting has returned to sing in The Walnut.
Small movement of Chaffinches and Blackbirds much more frequently seen.

Over last 7 days - 

3 Firecrest
Willow Warbler 
Wood Warbler
12 Hawfinch flocks of 8 & 4 
Cirl Bunting singing

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