Tuesday, 23 September 2014


9-14°C,Wind NW up to 15mph,cloudy dull brighter later,pressure 30.02inHG 

Liplje and Ljig over the last 7 days 

The Golden Orioles seem to have left us with no sign for over a week now and I have the feeling that could be the last of the Nightingales also. 
Just singles of the Whitethroats and the odd Wood Warbler hanging out with the tit flocks.
3 or 4 Spot Flys still dotted around Circuit 1 and likewise with the Shrikes.
A few Tree Pipits still very much in evidence feeding in the short meadows or flying over.
2  Whinchats and a new Stonechat up on The Ridge.

This delightful and very obliging Cuckoo has been in our garden feeding for the last couple of days. Was seen to catch a large hairy caterpillar which it proceeded to thwack to death and then repeatedly run it back and forth through its bill until it oozed some bodily fluid before being eaten. Also observed some head scratching so may have have found those long hairs a little irritating ?

Common Whitethroat
Lesser Whitethroat
Wood Warbler
Tree Pipit 
Spotted Flycatcher
Red Backed Shrike
Cuckoo 1st-y
4 Wood Lark 
60 Starling over NE
Swallow small parties over S or SE

Ljig -  the river just south of town

Little Egret 
Grey Heron
2 Common Sandpiper

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