Saturday, 16 August 2014


15-23°C,Wind N/NW max 11mph, dull overcast with low cloud clipping the high forest, pressure 1015hpa

Hi All, have just got back from a trip to Blighty so hence the lack of posts here.
Had A good visit if somewhat hectic, lots of traveling around to see everyone and little time for serious birding so now glad to be back in sunny Serbia.
Feel as though I may have missed out as Autumn passage appears in full swing - on our way to Belgrade this morning in perfect migrant stalling weather, quickly picked up 3 migrants all on the ground in a stubble field on the brow of the hill just to the north of The Lookout. They were all still present at dusk. Particularly pleased with the Tawny Pipit as only my second ever.

Found it easy to id, giving good views in even if somewhat dull light. Immediate impression was of overall plain sandy grey appearance with minimal streaking. On closer inspection showed subtle darker streaking on crown,nape and mantle. paler eyebrow and blackish eye stripe between eye and bill. Two narrow black moustachal stripes either side of paler malar stripe. Pretty much unmarked underside. Blackish centres to all flight feathers with pale greater wing bar sometimes evident. Legs distinct mid to pale flesh colour. Was immobile for quite long periods with upright stance then running around nervously catching insects. Did not call or fly.
The Wood Warblers moving around the woods outside home possibly with tit flock.

Tawny Pipit
Northern Wheatear female/juv
2 Wood Warbler

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