Friday, 24 January 2014


8°C Wind 22kp/h 100 % cloud cover Preassure 1006 hPa

This long spell of mild weather is about to come to an end with temperatures dropping to -1°C tonight with snow continuing through tomorrow.
We have had weeks of mild weather with no frost and no rain except for a little two days ago(75ml).
Last week I found hazel in flower with honey bees in attendance and primrose flowering in the dry stream bed at the bottom of our valley.
Have also seen a green hellebore flowering which is perhaps a bit more to be expected in warm spells during the winter.
Heard the Black Woodpecker yesterday again after some weeks absence.The Great spots both a male and female are in regular attendance on the last of the rotting apples with the occasional male Middle Spot turning up from time to time.The male has also been territory drumming on some early mornings.
The Green Woodpecker calls quite often now but like the Black is elusive.Also I have heard a Green Woody type call which didn't seem quite right. Now wondering if there is a Grey Headed about !

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