Wednesday, 19 February 2014


23°C ! Wind SE 11 km/h, sunny am cloudy pm. pressure 1011 hPa

Liplje around home
Incredible temperatures again today which are forcing spring on rapidly.
Pleased to have the Middle spot moving around home staking its territory for the first time today.
At least 2 Great spots drumming regularly now.
Blackbirds have only started singing for the last few evenings, still somewhat subdued fashion.
Yellowhammer also started singing about a week ago while the Wood Lark is a new arrival and a very welcome one today.
May be my first starlings in Liplje !

There are new flowers to be found almost by the day including Primrose, Squill, 
Wild strawberry, Trout lilly (Erythronium dens-canis) Pulmonaria, Bugle ( Ajuga reptans), Speedwell sp. and Red deadnettle. Have also seen the first cherry blossom.

5 Starling over W
Wood Lark singing breifly
Middle Spotted Woodpecker male territory call
2 Great Spotted Woodpecker male & female (2 drumming)
2 Green Woodpecker 2 calling
Black Woodpecker flight call
2 Cirl Bunting male and female, male singing
Yellowhammer singing

2 Song Thrush singing
Blackbird singing
Great Tits singing
Blue Tit singing
Robin singing

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