Thursday, 13 February 2014


12°C, Wind SE 13km/h, mostly sunny, Pressure 1008 hPa

Heard the subdued song of Hawfinch in the valley bottom in the beech wood behind our house although unable to locate it. 
Song thrush singing close by again.
Cirl Bunting again singing from different perches around the house.
Black woodpecker again apparently after some weeks absence.Woodpecker sp. drumming at 2or3 locations.
8 of the Ravens soaring together at great height and some display flight seen. 
Again very much a spring type day with 1 or 2 butterfly's (one possible Large Tortoishell Nymphalis polychloros) and bumblebees on the wing. Also a blue squill (scilla) sp.flowering in in our wood.

Blackbird 2males
Song Thrush singing
Hawfinch singing 
Cirl Bunting singing
Black Woodpecker calling
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Green Woodpecker calling
Sparrowhawk calling
10 Raven
6 Buzzard

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