Saturday, 24 January 2015


2-5°C, wind  W/NW 1-16 mph, overcast dull steady light rain, pressure 1009 hPa

New record for the Yellowhammers today. Sparrowhawk had a go at the tits/finches but with no success and the Woodpeckers have been much less in evidence perhaps as a consequence of her presence. Pity the Greenfinches didn't come down to feed.

Liplje garden feeding station

17 Yellowhammer various ages/sexes
Cirl Bunting male
4 Chaffinch 3 male + female
12+ Great tit
4+ Blue tit
3 Marsh tit
2 G.S. Woodpecker male and female
M.S. Woodpecker
Sparrowhawk female
2 Nuthatch

4 Greenfinch near by on edge of garden

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