Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blogging at last !

Well here I am living in Serbia. My wife and I moved in on the 10th of October. My Primary reason for starting this blog is to publish the birdlife I see in Liplje & Serbia for the benefit of anyone who’s interested and hopefully to benefit  conservation of wildlife in Serbia. 
Initially and no doubt the bulk of my records will be from our village of Liplje near Lijg in sumadija in central Serbia.
I am making some birding contacts and in time I will get to visit some of the more productive sites a few of which I have done in previous years while on holiday.
Please feel free to comment or get in touch. Birders are few and far between here in Serbia compared to UK so I need as much help as I can get. My Serbian isnt up to much at the moment so please bear with me, Hvala.

This fella above sits on the chimney of a derelict house just 50 metres or so from our house.
Taken with a canon powershot A1400 held on top of my Kowa scope.

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